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Our technologies aren’t built using typical load cell technology. We’re advancing 3D force
sensing technology so you can advance your training.

Axioforce began as a Department of Energy-funded project to develop smart materials for aerospace and defense applications. Through this project, we developed an entirely new smart material-based platform for 3D force sensing, Axiocell™, which has many advantages over typical 3D load cells. Axiocell technology is based on finely tuned magnetic silicone composite constructs that allow for extreme design flexibility both for the individual sensor unit itself and in the devices that can be made from the sensors. Axiocell can be made from soft silicone gels for embedding sensors into smart shoe insoles, or from stiff rubber and aluminum for Launch Pad sensors that need to withstand and accurately measure thousands of Newtons of force from any direction. Now, with the technology patented and developed, our first step is to create the next evolution in athlete performance monitoring by providing portable 3D force plates to the masses.

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